How It Works ?

Our process is simple; Our products are powerful. aims to protect you and your employees from counterfeit URL’s using artificial intelligence-based protection. Thus, you can easily see whether the URL is a phishing or a clean URL. In order to experience the services of, we give you 5 times URL browsing permission. So you can scan your suspicious URLs and access the results. Of course, that's not all’s offers you!

Get 100 free scans per day by registering on our system!

See your remaining usage by logging into the Dashboard page.

By using the API key, you can integrate the Phishup API into your project and perform your URL scans.

Thanks to the bulk query feature, make a batch query instead of scanning the URLs one by one! Phishup scans the URLs for you one by one and returns the results.

You can review the document to learn more about Phishup by clicking this link!


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