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Instant Awareness

We’re reshaping security education through our innovative module, Instant Awareness! This training module integrates captivating elements like comics, animations and interactive games to empower your workforce against phishing attacks.

Smart Training Assignments
Premium Content Library
Unlimited Question Pool
Security Roles and Access Control
Advanced Reporting
Full API Driven Architecture


We make cybersecurity understandable and fun through interactive games and entertaining animated series. Traditional education methods such as presentations, texts and the like are a thing of the past. New generation trainings give your employees the most memorable training in the shortest time.


Through the multi-language video player interface, your employees watch our next generation animation trainings.


These fun trainings are memorable and they learn the training they experience in the best way possible.


They put the information learned into practice by playing games in a safe environment without being harmed.


They constantly reinforce this knowledge through digital content such as comics, posters, screensavers, etc.

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