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We’re serious about this. The demand for digital risk protection and threat intelligence is swiftly growing worldwide. Our network consists of top-notch security providers and consultants who are actively working to make the world a safer place. We’re fully committed to supporting them with our sales, marketing, and technical teams, ensuring they have all the necessary resources. Phishup is dedicated to conducting all new business in collaboration with our partners.

Top-Industry Discounts

Gain access to substantial discounts and lucrative sales incentives on registered deals, guaranteeing a profitable return on investment for your salesforce's time and efforts.

Demand Generation Resources

Access professional launch assistance and ready-made marketing materials to stimulate demand at each phase of the buyer's journey and secure more deals.

Pipeline Boosting

Efficiently expand your pipeline with our ZQL lead sharing program, which provides verified leads in your target industries and regions directly to your inbox.

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Partnering with Phishup opens doors to a world of enhanced cybersecurity solutions for your clients.

Our industry-leading expertise and comprehensive approach empower partners to offer robust protection against phishing attacks, ensuring a safer digital environment for businesses worldwide.

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