We are proud to announce collaboration with Simit Sarayı!

As a global brand, Simit Sarayı aims for the highest level in the services and products it offers to its customers. However, in today’s world where cyber security threats are rapidly evolving, ensuring the security of corporate data is becoming a major priority. In data security, which is a challenging process, we, as Phishup, have initiated cooperation by commissioning Smart Defence and other innovative solutions.

Strong Defence with Smart Defence:

Smart Defence has achieved extraordinary success in detecting and neutralising advanced phishing attacks. In this way, Simit Sarayı has levelled up in protecting its corporate information and has become more resilient against cyber threats.

Awareness Raising with Phishing Simulation Module:

Another important contribution of Phishup was the phishing simulation module. In this way, we identified our employees with low awareness, identified their training needs and created an effective strategy to increase their awareness of security.

Raising Awareness Level with New Generation Trainings:

The new generation trainings we initiated to increase the cyber security knowledge level of our employees raised the awareness of our employees. We strengthened Simit Sarayı’s cyber security efforts by creating a technology team that is aware and ready for current threats.

Rapid Response with Incident Response:

The Incident Response product, which we used effectively to investigate and respond to phishing attack intelligence received from outside, enabled a fast and coordinated response to possible threats. In this way, Simit Sarayı’s ability to protect critical corporate information was further strengthened.

Walk Together to a Safe Future:

If you want to protect your critical corporate information at the highest level and take cyber security to the next level, you can step into a secure future with the solutions we offer as Phishup. Together with Simit Sarayı, we have achieved groundbreaking success in cyber security. Take a step towards a secure future with us.


Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and co-operation opportunities.

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