Makronet: We Built a Strong Defence with Phishup!

Makronet has been one of the most successful technology companies in differentiating and expanding in the sector by offering a digital experience to its customers since its establishment. As an R&D company under the roof of Noventiq, Makronet continues its success by developing new solutions to eliminate current risks and cyber threats. However, with the development of technology, digital threats and phishing attacks threaten both corporate and customer data and increase the need for protection of this data to higher levels.


Spear phishing attacks have recently become one of the most important threats of cyber security and pose a serious risk especially in companies with low cyber security awareness. Protection of corporate data against such risks is becoming a strategy.

Phishup – Makronet Cooperation

In order to eliminate possible risks, we have developed a cooperation with Makronet to support the security solutions used in the existing structure with Phishup, a solution specialised against phishing attacks. In this way, we have provided effective protection against threats that both our own structure and customers may be exposed to.

In the language of the Makronet

Since we started working with Phishup as both a manufacturer and a business partner, we are happy to have developed the holistic security approach we offer to our customers. We have maximised our company reputation and customer satisfaction by keeping our customer information safe with the high resistance developed against phishing attacks.

Thanks to its compliant and complementary structure with Microsoft 365 services and solutions, we have achieved rapid integration and adaptation. By adopting a proactive approach against cyber threats, it has helped us to ensure that the services we offer are more secure and that we can reach our customers uninterruptedly despite all possible cyber security risks.

Working with Phishup

Join us for a secure future and maximise your customer security by building a strong AI-powered resistance against phishing attacks.

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